The Most Interesting Man in the World—Carlos Slim
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Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecommunications monopolist, is back on top of the Forbes global list of billionaires with a stash of $80.5 billion.


I’ve long found it pretty interesting that the richest man in the world is right next door in Mexico, but that doesn’t seem to be a widespread opinion. In American media discussions of immigration, the existence of Carlos Slim doesn’t seem to register (which may have something to do with why Slim is the second largest owner of the New York Times).

The current liberal theory is that, well, sure the Obama Administration hasn’t cracked down on plutocracy in its half decade in power, but that’s only because America doesn’t yet have enough Mexicans so that there are still two parties. But soon there will be enough Mexicans in America that the Democrats will be invulnerable and then the Democrats will really crack down on the billionaires. You just wait! The Forbes 400 will never be able to withstand the righteous might of enough of Mexicans in America. The plutocrats should be shaking in their custom-made cowboy boots.

Of course, most of the American billionaires are for more Mexicans in America. They don’t seem to see Mexicans as a massive threat to their political interests.

But even more strikingly, in Mexico there are already over 118 million Mexicans. Yet somehow those 118 million Mexicans have managed to let Carlos Slim rip them off so badly that he is, let me repeat, the richest man in the world.

That probably ought to tell you something interesting about the future of inequality in America.

But nobody seems too interested.

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