The Moratorium Is Set To Expire This Week—Will Trump Renew?
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President Trump’s immigration moratorium stands as one of the great triumphs of his administration. For the first time in nearly a century, a President used his powers to cut off immigration for the benefit of the American people.

But the moratorium is set to expire at the stroke of midnight tonight. Will the administration do what’s right and extend it?

There are no media reports on what the administration might do in this matter. This is par for the course—the moratorium was strangely forgotten after it was extended and expanded last summer. The media probably didn’t want to highlight how Trump did something that roughly two-thirds of America supports. Unfortunately, Trump didn’t highlight it either during the campaign.

But people in the White House aren’t forgetting about it. Sources tell the Watcher that Trumpist elements want the moratorium extended, but establishment figures oppose the move. The sources say that some sort of extended order will likely be issued. What it will look like is unclear.

Joe Biden can, of course, overturn the moratorium if he assumes office. But that shouldn’t dissuade the White House. The point is for Trump to do everything possible to help American workers in their time of need. Let Biden rescind a measure that the vast majority of Americans support. Let the Democrats take the side of foreigners against American workers.

President Trump must secure his immigration legacy before his term ends. He cannot allow his signature achievement to expire on his watch.

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