75% Of Cheaters In Latest West Point Scandal Are Athletes; 24 Are Football Players. Anything Else USA TODAY Might Tell Us?
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Above, apparently reporting race is important when minorities graduate, but not when they're caught cheating.

USA Today reports that the latest cheating scandal at West Point involves 73 cadets; 55, or 75 percent, are athletes [West Point cheating scandal involved mostly athletes, including 24 football players on Liberty Bowl team, by Tom Vanden Brook, December 30, 2020].

Of that 55, 24 are football players. 

So 43 percent of the 55 athletes caught cheating, and about a third of the students caught cheating, are football players

My rough count of the team's roster shows that about half of the team's players are identifiably black. 

Question for USA Today's Brook: How many of the 24 football player are black? How many are white? How many are "other?" And what about the other athletes? What sports do they play, and what is the racial breakdown of those cheaters?

Asking for a friend ...



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