The Kvetcher: On the Money
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Is there a Yiddish word for a resurgence of energy after the Sabbath? The phenomenon appears to have energized our new friend The Kvetcher (DK):

VDARE has posted three separate articles, the first reviewing my original article and the subsequent ones responding to comments on my post. The dialogue on my original post itself has not gone as well as it did at first, but it was quite instructive. More on that later.

It seems to me that VDARE wants to discuss the immigration issue with the Jewish community specifically because it is disproportionately Jews, both overtly Jewish, and other ecumenical but still heavily Jewish organizations and media outlets that preempt a fair and comprehensive hearing on these matters. the U.S., Jews and Jewish groups remain an obstacle to change, and are often shrill and reactive to concerned citizens agitating for more restrictive immigration policies and for existing policies to be effectively enforced.[ emphasis.]

When Jews lead or contribute to a hostile environment that prevents a fair and comprehensive discussion about the exorbitant costs and severe downsides of current mass immigration levels, this is not conducive to responsible policy evaluation. I know all too well how social-liberal and far-Left Jews will scream nasty names at you for publicly questioning any aspect of immigration levels and populations, no matter how legitimate and pressing your concerns.

Firstly, we need to frame the question properly to our co-religionists.

I would ask the question like this: Is this a good time for mass immigration?The answer is an unequivocal ”no.” We are in a period of massive unemployment. Seeking a greater labor supply at this time is absolutely absurd, and cruel to our working-class countrymen. We already suffer from an acute and increasing labor surplus. And it is probably only going to get worse, perhaps much worse….

Maddeningly, there are Jews and Jewish groups who actually claim on our communal behalf that illegal immigration somehow parallels are own legal immigrant past.

Even in very best possible interpretation of continuing to allow mass illegal immigration, or even legal immigration, Jews gain nothing. Today, that’s the most positive thing you could possibly argue...

What do Jews really mean when we tout the supposed greatness of ever-greater ethnic diversity?

What it really means is, ”We’re still resentful and fearful of even the faintest whiff of nationalism emanating from whites because we have post-traumatic Holocaust syndrome.”

What we also really mean is, ”We think increased diversity will make Jews safer.”…

So. Do you want what is happening TODAY in Europe to increasingly happen here as well because of bitterness about the past? Do you want to risk losing the southwest to a different nation and culture? Should we ignore the high-risk behavior that comes from tolerating an illegal population not personally invested in the country they reside?

If we Jews want to stop Muslim immigration, we are going to have to cut a deal with those who want to change immigration levels generally. ( emphasis) We have to seek and set policy according to realpolitik, not irrational fears fronted by fanciful, universalistic ideals we ourselves helped construct in large part to effectively advocate for our particularist, ethnocentric concerns...

... there is a small fringe of anti-immigration activists who are concurrently infuriated at the Jews, and the liberal Jewish community consistently points to their rage as proof that the anti-immigration foes of today are the same people who were once specifically against Jewish immigration, hence justification for their continued pro-immigration policies.

It’s cutting off your long nose to spite your face.

It cannot be denied that a great many readers think the Jewish community is the main obstacle to rational immigration reform. That is an important reason why we cannot afford an open comment thread. It would just get too violent.

There are times when the clarity of Jewish thinking is just breathtaking. Larry Auster is an on-going example. The Neoconservatives were so welcome on the Right because their anti-Sovietism was so articulate.

But looking at the obdurate hostility of the comment thread to this and other Kvetcher postings makes me worry for DK. Time for a retreat to the Connecticut Berkshires?

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