The Fracking Boom, Birthrates—And Births To 14-Year-Olds
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When men and women feel prosperous, they reproduce. One only has to look at the national birth trends over a long period to see this connection. The data can be found in a PDF document, Births: Final Data for 2015,  at:

Whites benefited by the fracking boom Steve Sailer wrote about below. The pockets of prosperity caused by fracking income would not affect the rate of births to unmarried women because the birth-rates for unmarried, non-Hispanic white women have been relatively stable over time. In 1994, the birth rate for unmarried, white women was 28.4 per 1,000 unmarried women and in 2015, the rate was 31.6.

Black and Hispanic couples were not the main participants in the fracking boom. In this time period, birth rates for unmarried women plummeted. Rates for blacks and Hispanics fell also but they are higher than for white and Asian women. They have been higher since 1989, the farthest back they go in the CDC data. In 2015, the birth rate for unmarried, Hispanic women was 67.4 per 1,000 women and 59.6 for black women. Note the Hispanic rate is double that of white women, 31.6.

In addition, since 1989 when the CDC started tabulation of Hispanic births, the number of births to Hispanic women soared while the absolute number of annual births to black and white women fell.

In 1989, 532,249 Hispanic babies were born and in 2015, 924,048 Hispanic babies were born; that is an annual increase of almost 400,000 births. In 2015, half (53%) of the Hispanic birth mothers were unmarried and half of the total Hispanic mothers were foreign-born, mostly Mexicans.

The number of births to unmarried women  and the birth rate for unmarried women has risen nationally because of the large number of Hispanic immigrants entering our country and bringing with them their high, unmarried birth rates.

And, more birth news: In 2015, Hispanic girls, age under 15, gave birth to 986 babies. Black girls under 15 had 845 babies and white girls under 15 gave birth to 582 babies. The birth-rates for Hispanic teens, age 15 to 19, is 34.9 per 1,000 population and for Non-Hispanic teens it is 18.6 per 1,000.


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