A Washington State Reader Has A Story About Mexicans And Underage Girls That Is Purely Anecdotal
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Re: Memo From Middle America: Ann Coulter Right, Fred Reed Wrong, On Mexico’s Age Of Consent (And Litter)

A Northwest Reader [Email him]

I worked for 14 years at a wood plant here in the Pacific Northwest and a funny thing occurred. A white woman divorced her white husband and married a Mexican who worked in the plant. She soon became pregnant, but what was not immediately noticeable was that her two daughters (ages 13 and 15) were also pregnant.

Her husband went back to Mexico on a vacation prior to the girls "showing" and never returned. We had all wondered why until that news broke.

James Fulford writes: That's the kind of story that pundits and social scientists like to call anecdotal. That is, it's only one story, and you have to get a whole gang of stories, and careful statistical analysis, for it to be a trend.

The Catch-22 is that any such analysis is presumed to be racist—see what happened to Jason Richwine. But we have a whole pile of anecdotes like that about the Hispanic population:

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