The ENGLISH Student?
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Ann Althouse writes that the Korean student who committed the murders is not setting off a wave of anti-Korean bigotry, and is not even being seen as Korean. (I assume that someone got the Asian American Journalists's Association memo, and is actually taking it seriously.) But this is going too far:

Meanwhile, I'm not seeing a lot of attention paid to the murderer's Koreanness. On NPR this morning, they called him "the English student"! Get it? He was an English major, and attention is being paid to his writings — which you can see here. Should we worry about bigotry and retaliation aimed at fiction writers who go in for violent fantasies? Or don't worry. Go to the movies. May I recommend "Grindhouse"? [Althouse: "My parents are actually worried about retaliation against Asians."]

Shouldn't some Association of Anglo-American Journalists complain about this? Peter Brimelow was an English student at Stanford, years ago. He was studying business, but he was an English student...oh, never mind.


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