Reason Mag Vs. Steve Sailer On "Oldboy"—Did Sailer Call It?
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Reason Mag's David Weigel has a post called Who's the Korean Tipper Gore? criticizing Steve Sailer for his shot-in-the-dark guess about a connection between the (Korean) killer and the (Korean) incredibly violent movie "Oldboy." Weigel [send him mail] said

Since no one can blame filthy Hollywood movies for the massacre, Steve Sailer picks up the baton and bashes Korean movies.

But Sailer may have been right. See the NY Times Blog by Mike Nizza: An Image’s Ties to a Dark Movie A self-shot photo of Mr. Cho, above, and a still from the Web site of the movie ‘Oldboy.’

The inspiration for perhaps the most inexplicable image in the set that Cho Seung-Hui mailed to NBC news on Monday may be a movie from South Korea that won the Gran Prix prize at Cannes Film Festival in 2004. The poses in the two images are similar, and the plot of the movie, “Oldboy,” seems dark enough to merit at least some further study.
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