The Central Park Birdwatcher Is Getting Paid
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Earlier: Will Central Park "Karen," Amy Cooper FINALLY Be Recognized As The Actual Victim Of Harassment And Threats?

Two major events of the Great Awokening happened on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020. One I’ve reminded you of a few times, but the other one initially made a bigger splash among higher IQ white people. On May 26, 2020, I blogged only about how the whole world was upset over the evil white Karen calling the cops on the gay black birdwatcher in Central Park. On May 27th, I posted once on the first night of looting and arson mostly peaceful protests in Minneapolis, and four times on the Crisis in Central Park.

In retrospect, it looks like The Establishment was getting geared up for The Racial Reckoning, which would have happened shortly with or without the demise of George Floyd.

Whatever happened to the saintly birdwatcher? From the New York Times news section:

A Birder Is Back in the Public Eye, Now on His Own Terms

Christian Cooper’s encounter in Central Park with a white woman who called 911 to falsely accuse him of threatening her spurred a national outcry. Now he is hosting a birding series for National Geographic.

By Colin Moynihan
Published May 17, 2022

He is perhaps best known for his encounter there two years ago with a woman who called the police and falsely claimed that he was threatening her after Mr. Cooper asked that she keep her dog on a leash.

Actually, he did make a threatening-sounding statement to the woman. From Wikipedia:

On the morning of May 25, 2020, a woman named Amy Cooper was walking her dog in an area of Central Park known as the Ramble. Comic book writer and editor Christian Cooper, who is not related to Amy Cooper, was birdwatching there, and noticed that Amy’s dog was unleashed and running free,[1] despite the requirement that dogs in that part of the park be on-leash according to the Central Park Conservancy, which manages the park under contract with the city.[2] Christian asked Amy to leash her dog, and she allegedly refused. By his own account, Christian then said, “Look, if you’re going to do what you want, I’m going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it,” and beckoned the dog toward him with a dog treat.[3] Amy then yelled, “Don’t you touch my dog!”[3] Christian then began recording on his cellphone.[1][3]

Back to the NYT:

Now, he is about to once again be in the public eye — this time on his own television show.

On Monday, National Geographic announced a new series featuring Mr. Cooper, called “Extraordinary Birder,” that is expected to run on one of National Geographic’s channels or on Disney+. A premiere date has not been released.

… Mr. Cooper said that he first heard from National Geographic about the possibility of a show about a year and a half ago — “I was all in,” he said. The six planned episodes will feature Cooper birding in deserts, cities, rainforests and the rural South.

…n Mr. Cooper, 59, has been a semipublic figure in various ways for decades. He served on the board of directors of GLAAD, formerly the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. While an editor for Marvel Comics, he was credited with creating one of the first gay characters in the Star Trek comic universe. …

After Mr. Cooper’s sister posted the video to Twitter, it was viewed tens of millions of times. In the resulting furor, Ms. Cooper [not related] lost her job with the investment firm Franklin Templeton and was charged by the Manhattan district attorney’s office with filing a false police report. …

No word in the article on whether Ms. Cooper has managed to find employment in the last two years …

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