"The Cat In The Racist Hat" And Building A Society That's "Too Stupid To Survive"
September 30, 2017, 06:35 PM
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Two days ago, in an article about yet another clutch of hyperventilating ninnies who've attracted national attention, VDARE.com's Allan Wall wrote plaintively:
[I]s it so bad “black meals” were served? Isn’t it an attempt to honor their culture? I guess you just can’t win.

[Memo From Middle America: CottonGate—Southern Christian University President, Certified Diversitarian, Grovels Over Centerpiece, “Black Meals,” Etc., September 28, 2017]

Of course we can't win!  We're apparently fated to ride this metastasizing idiocy all the way to civilizational collapse.  As Mark Steyn just said, "[W]e are making ourselves a society too stupid to survive." [The Cat in the Racist Hat, Steyn Online, September 29, 2017]

The "logic" behind it all is illustrated in the following Microaggressions Flowchart (hat tip to Tim Murray):



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