Ixnay on How Affirmative Action Helps Foreign Blacks More Than American Blacks
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Via the Daily Caller, a black students group is demanding expropriation via force majeure of a white fraternity house and turning it over to blacks to hang out in. But the interesting part is further down in the black students list of demands:

We​ ​demand​ ​that​ ​Cornell​ ​Admissions​ ​to​ ​come​ ​up​ ​with​ ​a​ ​plan​ ​to​ ​actively​ ​increase​ ​the​ ​presence​ ​of underrepresented​ ​Black​ ​students​ ​on​ ​this​ ​campus.​ ​

We​ ​define​ ​underrepresented​ ​Black​ ​students​ ​as Black​ ​Americans​ ​who​ ​have​ ​several​ ​generations​ ​(more​ ​than​ ​two)​ ​in​ ​this​ ​country. The​ ​Black​ ​student​ ​population​ ​at​ ​Cornell​ ​disproportionately​ ​represents​ ​international​ ​or first-generation​ ​African​ ​or​ ​Caribbean​ ​students.​ ​While​ ​these​ ​students​ ​have​ ​a​ ​right​ ​to​ ​flourish​ ​at Cornell,​ ​there​ ​is​ ​a​ ​lack​ ​of​ ​investment​ ​in​ ​Black​ ​students​ ​whose​ ​families​ ​were​ ​affected​ ​directly​ ​by the​ ​African​ ​Holocaust​ ​in​ ​America.​ ​Cornell​ ​must​ ​work​ ​to​ ​actively​ ​support​ ​students​ ​whose families​ ​have​ ​been​ ​impacted​ ​for​ ​generations​ ​by​ ​white​ ​supremacy​ ​and​ ​American​ ​fascism.

It would be fun to be a fly on the wall in the “conversation” in which the black protestors are told to ixnay on complaining about African/Caribbean students being such lavish beneficiaries of affirmative action rather than actual American blacks. The political logic of the Coalition of the Fringes is not wholly obvious since it is almost never spelled out in the media, so it would be interesting to hear it explained to these protestors.

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