The Cabal That Can't Lie Straight
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From experience in the New York City Playground Wars, I instantly recognized UNC law professor Eric Muller and talk show host Brad Kratz's type - arrogant, aggressive, domineering, so spoiled that they throw tantrums when checked or criticized...and, well, infantile and stupid. When we exposed this little Carolina Cabal as conspiring to get VDARE.COM off the air this summer, I wasn't surprised that, instead of owning up to it like men and saying that they genuinely think we're a "hate site", they instead squalled that I was lying...and that we WERE TOO a hate site as well!!!

This was childish, of course, because (a) Krantz had already told our publicist that my interview was cut short because he'd gotten a call from a "friend" at UNC law school; (b) Muller, foolishly given the case he subsequently is trying to make, admitted emailing Krantz with scabrous accusations about us. But it was significant because it shows the way the Carolina Cabal, and their ilk, think: everyone lies about politics. Similarly, they notoriously defended Bill Clinton by saying everyone lies about sex.

Speak for yourselves, guys. I guess it's a cultural thing.

So I'm not surprised to find Muller and Krantz lying further as we pile on the evidence. Two examples:

1) Muller blogs that I cite "a communication that WZTK told him he'd be on from 8:10 to 8:30 a.m., which (at least as I recall from 6 months ago) he was"... i.e I wasn't cut of the air abruptly.

But in fact anyone who follows the link can see that the email I cited clearly said I'd be on from 8:10 to 9:00 am.

This isn't even intelligent lying, it's just compulsive. Has anyone really ever hired this idiot to litigate anything?

2) Several readers have told me that Krantz is claiming he's invited me back on the show but that I hadn't replied. I was genuinely puzzled by this, since the only email I've gotten from Krantz is the one posted on Muller's blog. I certainly hadn't noticed any invitation, but looking at it again I think this is the Krantz passage in question:

Possibly you may wish to come back on with us to apologize (for among other things giving out confidential phone numbers...that's a cheap tactic of intimidation as I'm sure you know) and correct the record, along with someone like Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center or Eric Muller from UNC himself.

(Tellingly, Muller excised the last 18 words without any indication - probably because the SPLC is a notorious leftist racket...and because Muller himself is afraid to debate me.)

Well. jeez (so to speak). I guess I didn't think that was an invitation. I thought it was yet another insult. What have I got to apologize for? I'm not trying to abolish the historic American Nation.

Brad Krantz does not want me to appear on his silly show. If he does, he has only to email and suggest a date. Or call - he has my number because I left it on all his (n.b. business) voicemails when I was trying to find out what happened this summer. Maybe he should have had the courtesy to return our calls. Maybe this will be a lesson in his Americanization.

Email Muller. Email Krantz.

And God Bless the wonderful number of you who have done so already.

We shall overcome!

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