The ADL Report On "White Supremacist" Killings Is The Usual Pack Of Lies, Remarkable For What It Ignores
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This article, making the startling claim that whites are more dangerous than Muslims, appeared in the Atlantic. It's basically a press release for a new ADL report, and is written by "the CEO and national director of the Anti-Defamation League", a fact that appears at the very end of the article.

The Resurgent Threat of White-Supremacist Violence

A new report finds that white supremacists committed the largest share of domestic-extremist related killings last year—highlighting the danger of racist rhetoric and hateful ideas.

By Jonathan Greenblatt, The Atlantic, January 17, 2018

Although the leaders of the white-supremacist alt-right insist their movement is nonviolent, racist rhetoric and hateful ideas can inspire violence if taken to their logical conclusion. A lone individual, encountering white-supremacist propaganda, can become convinced that it is a cause worth fighting for. Timothy McVeigh read The Turner Diaries, a story of a race war written by a notorious white supremacist, before he carried out the Oklahoma City bombings. Dylann Storm Roof frequented racist and anti-Semitic sites before he walked into an African American church and gunned down nine parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina.

And the threat they pose is not trivial. According to the latest data from Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, white supremacists were responsible for more than half of the 34 fatalities linked to domestic extremists of all stripes last year, claiming 18 lives in 2017.

That represented a reversion to the long-term trend; right-wing violence had accounted for the largest share of domestic-extremist related killings every year from 1995 until the Pulse nightclub shootings in 2016. Global totals may tell a very different story, but in the United States far-right extremist murders far exceed those carried out by Islamic extremists over the last decade: 71 percent of all murders [i.e. "domestic-extremist" murders, not murders generally ] were carried out by right-wing extremists, and 26 percent can be linked to Islamic extremists. [More]

Emphasis very much added by me. It's the word "domestic" that does it—they're only counting American citizens as terrorists. The attacks on 9/11 don't count, for example, because the killers came from Saudi Arabia, and had definite foreign backing. Omar Mateen is included in 2016's domestics because he was "born in Queens, the same place Donald was born,” as Hillary Clinton put it in the Third Presidential Debate. ( She thought she was scoring a point.)

Also, the small number (34!) suggests that American has almost no domestic extremist violence. For comparison, in Baltimore (pop. 621, 000) there were 343 murders, a record in murders per capita.

In Chicago (pop. 2, 705, 000 ) there were 650 murders, down from 771 the last year of the Obama Administration.

In the entire US, pop. 326.5 million, there were 34 of this special kind of murder, committed for ideological reasons, by someone "domestic."

As you can tell from the picture used by the Atlantic, they count the death of Heather Heyer at Charlottesville as a murder, although it may been an accident. The full report is at Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2017.

They include the Uzbek bike path killer as a 2017 domestic extremist, but don't include any of these crimes from our immigrant mass murder list, although the Emanuel Kidega attack on the church was the precise mirror image of the Dylann Roof shootings, and many of these were obvious cases of anti-white racism.

Apparently it doesn't count as "domestic-extremist" murder if it's just normal minority violence.

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