Team Romney's Ineptitude: Culture? Stupidity? Or Corruption?
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Obama Romney

Predictable from the Playground?

Observing the whimpering paralysis which has characterized Team Romney’s response to the absurd Obamacrat Bain campaign this week surfaces indelible memories, memories possessed no doubt by most white American parents if they have had toddlers in these diversity-crazed recent years. Of seeing shocked white infants frozen in their distress at the viciously aggressive, often violent behavior of small Minority children (Asians excepted). In my recollection, Hispanics were little better than Blacks.

So childish was the response of Ed Gillespie that even the Wall Street Journal made fun of him:

Ed Gillespie, senior adviser to the Romney campaign, is blunt in describing an Obama campaign ad that charges Mitt Romney’s company was a “pioneer” in outsourcing jobs to China.

The ad is “flat inaccurate,” Mr. Gillespie said …He also added, in short order, that the ad is “a lie,” ”untrue,” “factually inaccurate,” “false” and “based on no evidence.”

And, for good measure, he summarized: “All of which is another way of saying it’s a lie.”

In Case You Missed It, Romney Camp Says the Ad Is False By Gerald F. Seib July 14, 2012

The crazy thing about this is that Romney more than just about any public figure has an unanswerable defense to this charge: his repeated statements that China has benefited from predatory undervaluation of their currency. I discussed this in Could Romney Actually Be SOUND (!!!) On Affirmative Action? Romney has said that if elected he will promptly name China a currency manipulator. He would be quite correct in pointing out that Obama has flinched from this for over 3 years.

Beyond this, the American worker, unlike the European, is remarkably philosophical in accepting that harsh things have to be done in the private sector to keep businesses viable. Romney could simply say that as a Board member of for instance the office supply company Staples it was his duty to the shareholders to acquiesce in heavy imports from China for competitive reasons. That is quite consistent with as a citizen condemning the cause.

Is Gillespie so obsessed with his Hispandering role and Cheap Labor Lobby obligations that he is not aware of his own candidate’s statements? Or is he as dumb as “senior advisor on press strategy" Eric Fehrnstrom seems to be?

Of course another horrible possibility exists. A major beneficiary on China’s (largely currency engineered) prosperity is Macao casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. Has currency policy - along with foreign and (seemingly) immigration policy – been sold to Sheldon Adelson and his allies too?

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