Tancredo Up Close - ACSL
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A Certain Slant of Light, amongst the most indefatigable immigration-skeptic blogs currently active, has a useful report on attending a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday in Conroe TX.

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO)… spoke today to a standing-room-only audience of approximately 150 people…interrupted any number of times by strong applause (including a standing ovation at its conclusion) and loud vocal support…I find it interesting that a town hall meeting lacking MSM publicity drew such a solid crowd today — more people, really, than the room could comfortably accomodate. Many people stood along the walls of the meeting room; and more people were actually outside of the room in the hallway

Good point. One might also ask, how many Congressmen can get standing ovations - except from their own election workers?

A refreshing thing about Tancredo is that he seems to have grasped some of the economics of the immigration disaster, as ACSL’s summary of his talk notes:

"Cheap labor" is only cheap for employers who hire illegals, as taxpayers subsidize those wages by subsidizing the social safety net of services that illegals avail themselves of...

(This was also apparent in the brief but devastating remark the Los Angeles Times allowed him in their account last August of the new Amnesty-Lobbying effort.)

ACSL has a follow-up, noting the total lack of coverage of the meeting - after all by an out-of area national political figure to a metropolitan area with maybe half a million illegals - either before or after, by the Houston area media:

I did, however, find a story this morning that the Wendy's hamburger chain is no longer putting tomato slices on its burgers unless the customer specifically requests them. That, of course, is need-to-know information.

This kind of repression is not going to work, now that the Internet has emerged as the Kentucky Long Rifle of America’s 21st century patriots

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