Sympathy For Kevin Williamson
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We've been pretty hard on Kevin Williamson, and may have gloated a tiny bit, when, having cucked really hard, he was hired by The Atlantic to be their token conservative, and then fired for his history of being conservative, but now this:

All right, I went and looked:

Letter to the editor of The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg
Penelope Gristelfink

Aug 20 · 22 min read

Dear Jeffrey Goldberg,

Thank you for firing my ex-husband Kevin D. Williamson.

What Kevin Tweeted about how women who have abortions should be hanged, and what he said in the MediaMatters podcast, are his true beliefs.

Other commentators were right to identify a deeper, underlying misogyny here. These remarks were not, as Kevin would later characterize them in his WSJ piece, merely “trollish and hostile.” They were wrathful and malicious, rooted in a subjective self-loathing that has been characterized as “aggrieved white male syndrome.”[More]

Yes, it gets crazy after that. her book Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America, Ann Coulter pointed out that two of Barack Obama's white male opponents for Senator from Illinois had had their divorce records (sealed by agreement for privacy) disclosed to the public.

She wrote:

"his media and campaign surrogates ripped open the court-sealed divorce records of his two principal opponents in his Senate race in Illinois."

First there was Blair Hull, who was Obama’s Democratic primary opponent, and then there was Republican Senate candidate Jack Ryan. Both were attacked by Democrats in the mainstream media who managed to get a judge to release the sealed records of their divorces. The records of Ryan’s divorce from Jeri Ryan (Star Trek’s Seven of Nine) contained accusations of sexual impropriety against Ryan. I won’t detail them, but they lacked credibility, and as Ms. Coulter says, "there’s a reason you never hear the expression ‘As true as claims made by an ex-spouse in divorce papers.’"

That's what we're dealing with here—the same thing Brett Kavanaugh went through, and the Duke Lacrosse Team, and to a certain extent, President Trump.

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