Sweden Now = America + Muslims
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About the most efficient way to keep track of the consequences of the Muslimization of Europe is to sign up for the daily email update from the Gatestone Institute, a scrupulously-documented source on which VDARE.com has drawn a number of times.

Yesterday's One Week in Sweden is chilling. Here are a few selections:

  • A casual look at newspapers on any random day will be filled with stories about armed robberies, sexual assaults, rapes, public gang shootings and perhaps explosives in restaurants. This crime wave is no longer merely confined to the major cities. Many smaller towns and some rural communities are now affected as well…
  • On the evening of October 29, 2017, a car was torched in the Muslim-dominated district of Rosengårdin Malmö. On October 30, another car was torched in the same area. The local daily Sydsvenskan mentioned these incidents with just a couple of sentences. Why? Because car-burnings have become a part of daily life. They are not major news anymore. Cars are torched in Swedish towns on a regular basis. Between January and September 2017, Sweden experienced 6000 car-burnings…
  • A journalist, Ivar Arpi, commented that parts of the country are no longer under the control of the state. At many train stations, libraries and hospitals, threatening and harassing the staff have become a daily routine. In troubled areas, shops are forced to close: thanks to rampant crime, they can no longer buy insurance. Throwing stones at the police or rescue service personnel is now "normal." The use of hand grenades in attacks in Sweden is now comparable to regions of Mexico in which drug cartels operate.

Here’s a real goodie.

  • Three employees of Sweden's public broadcasting station SVTwere convicted of human trafficking after they smuggled a Syrian migrant into Sweden in 2014. They will not, however, lose their jobs because of this.
An interview with a retired officer of the Swedish Security Service was illuminating:
PO Hellqvist... says he is concerned about the growth of parallel societies, complete with their own "morality police," partly cut off from, and often hostile to, the rest of society. Such communities have historically been a breeding ground for terrorism. Hellqvist adds he is even more worried about people who become radicalized locally than about ISIS jihadists returning from the Middle East.
Happily I see this essay was written by Fjordman whose wonderful blog was among the first to alert to this threat in the early years of the last decade. Fjordman suffered blogger burnout at the end of 2005, but still appears from time to time.

If Muslim immigration is not stopped, the Swedish disaster - only an advanced case of what afflicts all Western Europe - will happen in America too.

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