Looks Like They Got To ANGRY WHITE DUDE
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Several weeks ago, the blog Angry White Dude went offline.

This is a serious blow to the Patriot cause. As I noted back in 2010 in The Right Stuff: “Angry White Dude” as Polemicist AWD when in the mood was an unusually effective writer of attack pieces. He was also a very clear-eyed analyst as demonstrated in 2015 in ANGRY WHITE DUDE On Real Muslim Immigrant Risk – And Whom To Blame. The same applied to his astute colleague RedStaterNYC who wrote the last AWD piece to which I linked, in Post Charlottesville Anti-Right Pogrom Based On Fantasy: A Compendium Of Facts August 20, 2017.

Stopping writing is one thing, taking down the whole site is quite another. Bloggers taking a break often leave their sites up but dormant for years.  “Mark in Mexico” which posted what I regard as the best extant analysis of that country is still up although there has been no new blog posted since 2007. Similarly the pioneering Norwegian site Fjordman, inactive since 2005.  Archives are valuable to inquisitive parties seeking the truth.

Complete abolition of archives usually reflects economic pressure as I reported IT Grunt suggesting in Was “Carrie's Nation” repressed by Indian threats? I believe that was the case in the sudden demise of the invaluable site The Kvetcher. Perhaps AWD now has a day job with an employer which does not scruple to abuse its financial power.

An alternative hypothesis is loss of advertising revenue. The Current Year has seen a systematic eviction by advertising syndicators of many websites deemed unPC (Google cut off VDARE.com in February). AWD was a heavy purveyor of Ads. Perhaps the loss of revenue has dropped the site below the threshold of return justifying the effort to operate the site. (But why take the site down?).

In any case, as the Treason Lobby connives to turn any DACA legislation into a Gang of Eight Amnesty repressing the dissident internet has become a top priority. It is crucial to keep as many guns firing as possible.

Should any AWD writer be interested in joining the majority of VDARE.com writers operating under pseudonyms, please let us know:

[email protected]  [email protected]

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