Sweden Democrats Nearing A Share Of Power
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The Sweden Democrats, a nationalist party battling to save a people that will be a minority within its own homeland within 50 years, are making some progress towards real power [Statistics suggest that native Swedes will be a minority in their own country in 45 years - why is hardly anyone talking about it? by Damian Wilson, RTApril 20, 2021]. The party operates in one of the most repressive environments imaginable, a state that is directed torward the elimination of the nation. Indeed, in 2019, Sweden's "Social Security Minister" compared Hungary's natalist policies to the politics of "the 1930s," a thinly veiled allusion to National Socialism. One would think helping people support families would be supported by the so-called social democracies, but apparently their compassion doesn't extend to their own kin. 

The Sweden Democrats have done well in recent elections, but under this so-called "democracy," the other parties got around this by forming a cordon sanitaire to prevent them from having any influence. Their voters were thus essentially excluded from the political process. Still, overt repression only works for so long. We should never underestimate the cowardice and teachery of "center-right" parties, but we also shouldn't just denounce them as entirely worthless. Parties are coalitions, with large numbers of people with differing views within them. People change their mind. They realize mistakes. They "wake up."

At least some moderates and conservatives will choose to save their country, even if it means aligning with a party that journalists don't like. They have to or else the entire West is doomed. If nothing else, we have to hope that out of sheer self-interest and ambition, at least some conservatives will work with nationalists to attain power. 

It looks like that moment is getting closer in Sweden:

The populists who’ve been battling to shut down immigration into Europe may be heading for a significant breakthrough in Sweden. The far-right Sweden Democrat party may well have the votes to help the conservative opposition secure a majority after next year’s elections, and the evidence is mounting that traditional right-wing politicians will be tempted to cut a deal to give the anti-immigrant group a say in government.
[The Far Right Is Ready For a Slice of Real Power in Swedenby Rafaela Lindeberg and Ott Ummelas, Bloomberg QuintMay 12, 2021]

The leader of the Moderate party has previously said he wouldn't work with the Sweden Democrats, but now calls them a constructive force. What changed? Again, from the Bloombergarticle, "[In 2017,] Trump triggered an angry backlash from Swedes when, at a rally in Florida, he appeared to link the rise in crime in the country to higher immigration. That link is now more widely accepted."

You have to love that wording. It just magically became "more widely accepted."

Let's be more direct. Once again, Donald Trump was right. Say what you will about him (and I have), but his instincts and gut reactions were usually solid. If only he acted on them more often. 

One thing that is specifically driving support for the Sweden Democrats is crime against women from imported migrant "communities." The wording here by the press and the Establishment parties is significant. The self-described "feminist" government of Sweden wants to blame Sweden itself for the violence, alluding vaguely to "deeply rooted" problems in Swedish society. However, as with the recent spate of crimes against Asians in America, who commits the crime cannot be mentioned except at the so-called fringe.  

Buried deep, deep in this BBC article about violence against women, we get: 

One major political sticking point is whether the recent violence should be connected to Sweden's recent wave of immigration. Swedish police don't register criminal suspects according to ethnicity, but prosecutors say several of the men facing trial have non-Swedish backgrounds, and that's been used as ammunition by anti-immigration parties.

In a televised party leader debate last week, the leader of the nationalist Sweden Democrats Jimmie Akesson called for a crackdown on what he described as "imported values" that sanction violence against women.

Sweden's Gender Equality Minister Marta Stenevi says that Sweden does have a problem with so-called "honour crimes", which are committed to protect or defend the supposed reputation of a family or extended community. But she believes labelling violence towards women as an "immigrant issue" is "really, really diminishing the problem", describing violence against women as "deeply, deeply rooted" throughout Swedish society.

[Safe Sweden faces up to wave of women's killingsby Maddy Savage, BBC, May 6, 2021]

The good news is that there is now a joint statement of immigration patriotism from the Swedish opposition, which includes the Sweden Democrats. The cordon has been breached, if not broken.

[F]our opposition parties – the Moderate Party, Christian Democrats, Liberal Party, and Sweden Democrats – have put forward their own proposals, which set out a stricter migration policy.

Under the proposals, a new basis for residence permits on “humanitarian grounds” would be limited, and would not apply to adults who have previously lived in Sweden with a residence permit and during that time developed a close connection to Sweden.

The four parties also want language requirements for permanent residence permits to be stricter than the government has set out, and included explicitly in legislation. They also want to put tighter limits on residence permits for relatives of people living in Sweden, including limiting exceptions to the so-called maintenance requirement (under which the family member already in Sweden must prove they have sufficient accommodation and income to support the relative applying for a permit).

[Five key points: The joint migration policy proposal from Sweden's oppositionby Catherine Edwards, The Local, May 3, 2021]

It's not enough, but it's a start. Eventually, every "moderate" conservative or "center-right" politician, writer, and activist will be faced with a stark choice. You can collaborate with hostile, anti-nationalist, anti-white regimes and hope the crocodile eats you last because of your treason. Or you can join with the nationalists.

There are no other options, and all will have to make their choice. Time is running out. 

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