"Swarm of Bees Descends Upon Vox Media Office in Manhattan"
June 16, 2017, 06:08 AM
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From Twitter Moments:
Swarm of bees descends upon Vox Media office in Manhattan
In response, Eric Turkheimer explained in Vox: “Some Things Science Is Just Not Meant to Understand.”

Thank goodness the NYPD has its own Bee Wrangler and official Police Bee Hive.

Tonight, my wife was trying to watch the episode of Black Mirror (the British “digital Twilight Zone“) in which a swarm of robot bees, powered by social media mass indignation, attacks whomever Twitter hates the most at the moment:


But she kept falling asleep and dreaming about bees doing unlikely things, which is confusing when watching a Black Mirror show about bees doing unlikely things.

I sense that we are headed toward a Bee Moment in our culture, kind of like last year’s Gorilla Moment.

Jacques Louis-David’s Bee Moment

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