Superb CIS Blog On Amnesty/Immigration Surge Immiseration Of Americans
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Mexico JobsAs a blogger I salute Reginald Mortensen’s Expanding the "Lower Class" Through Immigration Reform Center for Immigration Studies September 19 2013 as a classic (only 340 word) example of the art:
The headline in the Christian Science Monitor reads: "US poverty rate steady at 15 percent, but 'lower class' is booming". According to the Monitor:

T]he Census Bureau report released Tuesday shows that the Great Recession and its aftermath have been hardest on the poorest one-fifth of Americans. Their mean income fell 3.3 percent, while the mean income for the top one-fifth of earners dropped 0.5 percent.

So what is the political, religious, business, and civic elites' solution to this situation? …It is to demand that the House pass the Senate amnesty bill that legalizes millions of low-income illegal aliens and brings in millions more low-income workers both legally and illegally…

And these elites are excited to do this in spite of the fact that the Congressional Budget Office has determined that the Senate-passed amnesty bill will result in still lower wages for low income workers by 1) increasing the size of the workforce, 2) decreasing average wages through 2025, and 3) slightly raising the unemployment rate through 2020.

Peter Brimelow made the same point in S.744 Will Further Immiserate Americans

Generally speaking we at tend to regard the CIS work as worthy but too wonkish to be effective. But they have been improving a lot lately and deserve applause

Maybe having raised the issue of Class Interest they will summon the nerve to discuss the role of excessive political donations in the 2013 Amnesty/Immigration Surge attempt. H/T One Old Vet

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