Schock Socked: Devastating CIS Critique of Turncoat from Illinois-18th
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I see via One Old Vet that Treason Lobby capture Congressman Aaron Schock of the 18th District of Illinois, whose perfidy was flagged in today's letter from Virginia Paleoconservative , was also the subject of a devastating critique By Jon Feere at CIS: GOP Congressman Calls Illegal Aliens “Undocumented Citizens”, Trusts Obama Administration Aug 8, 2013

This includes a video of a town hall meeting in which, as Feere says

Schock has embraced activist language created by La Raza and the ACLU. One would think that a lawmaker would use legally accurate terminology, but he seems to be too frightened to do so.
There follows a 7 point analysis of Schock’s remarks, conclusively demonstrating that he does not understand what is in the Senate bill which he misrepresents on a Marco Rubio scale.

Patriots in the 18th District need to wake up.

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