SunTV’s JihadWatch May 22: Is the Public Waking Up to Islam’s Threat?
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Nice chat between’s Robert Spencer and SunTV’s Michael Coren on Thursday, including how Boko Haram, the jihadist kidnappers of the Nigerian schoolgirls, has been busy killing people for years.

I particularly appreciated the brief discussion about the judge who sentenced the killers (one is pictured) of Lee Rigby and proceeded to lecture the murderers about their “betrayal of Islam,” when in fact the men explained clearly the Islamic basis for the killing.

As Michael Coren observed about the trial, “It was such a situation, the ironies and the paradoxes, because a judge, not a bad person, here he is saying, ‘It cannot be true that Islam teaches violence, thus you have to be betraying Islam because if I believed that there was a difference between religions, then I’d be a frightened man; everything I believed about pluralism and multiculturalism would be a lie.’ I’m sorry sir but a lot of it is.”

Spencer responded that denial of that sort is in charge of political response to the Islamic threat. Furthermore, there has been a concerted effort on the part of government and media to hide the truth from the people.

The two also discussed Spencer’s new book Arab Winter Comes to America.

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