SunTV: Coren and Spencer Analyze London Sentencing of Jihadist Murderers
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On the most recent JihadWatch segment on Canada’s SunTV, a major topic of Michael Coren and Robert Spencer was the sentencing of the two Islamic thugs to life in prison for the daytime slaughter of a British soldier on a London street.

On last May 22, two Africans ran down fusilier Lee Rigby as he walked on a street near the Royal Artillery Barracks, then they proceeded to hack the injured man to death with knives. (The loyal sons of Allah often shrink back from a fair fight, preferring uneven attacks.) While killer Michael Adebolajo (pictured) held a bloody meat cleaver, he lectured local passers-by about the Islamic principles for the cold-blooded murder.

As Judge Sweeney sentenced the two men, he took time to remark, “You each converted to Islam some years ago. Thereafter you were radicalised and each became an extremist, espousing views which, as has been said elsewhere, are a betrayal of Islam.”

Where do these non-Muslims get the idea that they know enough about Islam to define what the true expression of the religion is? Similarly, PM David Cameron earlier called the murder of Rigby a “betrayal of Islam.”

Not so, according to the Koran, where at least 109 verses urge Muslims to kill infidels in the name of Islam.

Delusional politicians in thrall to diversity, from George Bush to Tony Blair, don’t want to admit the level to which they have endangered their nations by allowing Muslim immigration to continue, so they spout the lie the Islam is a “religion of peace.”

As a reflection of English society during the trial of the jihadist murderers, British soldiers were warned not to wear their uniforms in their own country because of the danger of copycat killings.

Welcoming enemies as immigrants has its consequences.

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