Paul Nachman's Bouquet To Senator Rubio
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Colloquy between an anonymous reader and's James Fulford points out that the number of comments posted at Senator Marco Rubio's has stalled at 147.

Byron York's article in the Washington Examiner (Rubio hit hard after inviting comments on immigration bill, April 27, 2013; an equally suitable title would have been "Razzberries for Rubio"), which both Patrick Cleburne and James had pointed to in earlier VDARE posts (here and here), concludes with "Rubio’s staff is screening nearly 1,000 other suggestions and comments for eventual posting."

So I wasn't optimistic that what I had to say would survive their screening.  (Indeed, many hours later, it hasn't appeared.)  But, in the spirit of ... ummm ... frankness, I wrote and submitted it anyway, hoping it would at least be educational for some of his crack staff:

The bill S. 744 ("Rubio's folly") is appalling in every dimension and must be rejected in its entirety.  The idea of "improving" it is farcical, since it is 180 degrees wrong.

The key thing to understand about the bill is that it's all about amnesty, no matter what euphemism the Gang of Eight (Thugs) coins for this attempt at destroying the American nation.  No later than six months after this bill is law, it's amnesty for all comers.

No "path to citizenship"?  No problema!  ILLEGAL ALIENS DON'T CARE ABOUT CITIZENSHIP.  They just want to be made "deportation-proof," so they can't be sent back to their hellholes (i.e. countries) of origin.

And that's what this bill does nearly right away.  The parts of the bill that seemingly have to do with enforcement don't actually promise any — like, you know — ENFORCEMENT. They're just about spending money, forming commissions, and writing reports, not making sure anything actually happens on the ground.

And even if we started enforcing the law, there's no reason to give 15 million illegal aliens amnesty.  Systematic enforcement, especially in the workplace, will have them heading back to their foreign homes by the millions.  That attrition-by-enforcement has worked every time it's been allowed to.

Besides amnestying nearly all illegal aliens, the bill also opens the gates to huge increases in LEGAL immigration and guest workers.  Not only is this entirely unneeded and unwarranted (there is NO RIGHT to immigrate to the U.S.), it's certifiably crazy at a time of huge unemployment in the U.S..  What planet do these Gang of Eight (Thugs) hail from???

The sincerity of Sen. Rubio is unquestioned.  He is, sincerely, a 100% Open-Borders hack. When he was Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, he quashed every state-level immigration-enforcement bill that showed promise of passage.  

In his campaign for the U.S. Senate, Rubio pretended that he was for strong enforcement of the laws against illegal immigration.  Those of us in the know always suspected that this was campaign-time BS, and he's proved we were right with his work for the Gang of Eight (Thugs).

[Links added to this VDARE version of my bouquet.]

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