Summer Sea Immivasion Of Europe Accelerates - Coming Here Too? Stop Hiding, Trey Gowdy!
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As I have remarked before To Track Europe’s ‘Refugee” Immivasion Disaster, Bookmark U.K.’s DAILY MAIL (This supplies a link to their immigration menu.)

This paid off today with two stories Americans need to know. Holding on for dear life, migrants are flipped into the sea when their overcrowded boat overturns off of Libya, leaving five dead, as 6,000 are rescued in just two days by Julian Robinson 25 May 2016 provides the drama

At least five migrants have drowned off the Libyan coast today after the heavily overcrowded boat they were on overturned, the Italian navy has revealed.

The navy said at least 550 people had been pulled to safety but added that the rescue operation was still underway and that the death toll could rise.

…more than 2,600 refugees were picked up on Monday off the Libyan coast and a further 3,000 were helped to shore by Italian ships yesterday while 550 more were also turned back by Libya's coastguard.

Italian officials estimated that between 30 and 50 per cent of gross domestic product in Tripolitania in northwest Libya comes from people smuggling

Analysis is provided by Business as usual: Brussels says migrant numbers have plunged after a deal with Turkey. But thousands are still coming in through Italy by John Stevens May 24 2016
Thousands of migrants have poured into Europe this week, heralding the start of another summer of chaos on the continent.

The fresh influx – into Italy – comes after the EU negotiated a controversial £4.7billion deal with Turkey to ease the pressure of migrants arriving in Greece.

Two weeks ago the EU said that the number crossing the Aegean Sea to the Greek islands had fallen by 90 per cent since Turkey agreed to take them back.

But at the same time the number attempting the more perilous crossing from North Africa into Italy is rising as the weather begins to warm up.

This story is quite un-American in its forthright reporting of immivader  composition and motive:
Libyan coastguards yesterday detained a further 550 people trying to reach Europe …from ‘several African countries’ and included three children and 30 women, eight of whom were pregnant.
(E.G. 94% men.)
EU officials have warned that up to half a million more migrants will arrive from Libya alone this year, reigniting the crisis as the continent struggles to cope with the consequences of German chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to let in more than a million last year.

The overwhelming majority attempting the crossing from North Africa are economic migrants rather than genuine refugees from Syria or Iraq.

Apart from sympathizing with betrayed Europe, Americans have an immediate interest in this mess. The Washington Times reported yesterday State Department sets new single-day record for Syrian refugee approvals by Stephen Dinan Tuesday, May 24, 2016
The State Department admitted 80 Syrian refugees on Tuesday and 225 on Monday, setting a new single-day record as President Obama surges to try to meet his target of 10,000 approvals this year — sparking renewed fears among security experts who say corners are being cut to meet a political goal...

"The Obama administration is on full throttle to admit as many people as possible before the time clock runs out on them,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies. “This is the classic scenario when political expediency trumps prudence..."

With Hilary Clinton firmly committed to the new Democrat “No Borders” policy, any Administration of hers is certain to participate eagerly in this effort to obliterate the white nations.

Time for Congresscritter Trey Gowdy to reschedule the Refugee hearing he dodged having last year!

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