If Boulder, CO, Wants Immigration, Maybe We Should Let Them Have It Good And Hard
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Apropos of Steve Sailer's interesting post about The Guardian's evaluation of Boulder, Colo., perhaps it's time to give the fair residents of Boulder what they want: a massive increase in the number of American blacks, Hispanic illegal alien and Muslim rapefugees.

How do we know that's what Boulder wants? The 88 percent white city gave 70 percent of its vote to Barack Hussein Obama in 2012 and 72 percent in 2008.

Of 105,000 residents (2014 estimate), about 950 are blacks and about 9,000 are Hispanics. That's not nearly enough. Give the hippies, hipsters, foodies and liberal Goodwhites what they want. Let them suffer the consequence of their vote.

A start would be resettling all of Obama's 10,000 Muslim rapefugees in Boulder.

The incredible whiteness of Boulder must end.


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