Strong Borders, Clean Hands! $15 A Month Gets A Free Hand Sanitizer Spray!
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Support VDARE and keep the virus du jour at bay!  

Two years ago,’s PayPal account—the account we used for all of our online donations—was suspended with no warning, and no explanation.

This happens every day, to patriots all over the county. At the time of our suspension, readers like you were giving more than $10,000 per month in recurring online donations. All of that revenue was wiped out, and we have never successfully rebuilt it.

Today, we’re asking you to help fill that monthly giving gap, to help provide immigration patriots, writers, editors and content producers the peace of mind that comes with reliable revenue.

For a limited time, when you sign up as a $15/mo recurring donor, we’ll send you this fantastic hand sanitizer pen printed in America as a special thank you gift. The size of a marker, these pens are great for traveling, for the gym, to keep in your car and purse.

All the ( kids are doing it!

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