Strategic Deportation: Targeting Known Illegal Alien "Activists"
January 21, 2018, 08:47 AM
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Steve Sailer has posted on the recent arrests, near arrests, deportations, and attempted deportations of a number of illegal aliens prominent in the Amnesty movement or who publicly claimed sanctuary in churches, as has your correspondent. One generally would think that publicly outing oneself as an illegal alien would be a bad move, but there was no negative to this under George Bush or Barack Hussein Obama.

Both administrations had a hands-off policy towards any illegal alien who engaged the public in any way or sought sanctuary in a church. In fact the only prominent illegal alien to be deported in the last 20 years or so was the infamous case of ant-Castro cause celebre Elian Gonzalez, and only because he came from Cuba, the promised land to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

It was not until the coming of Donald J. Trump that a battle began in the Administration on what to do with public and flagrant violations of immigration law. The loser of the first battle in the Trump Administration: a prominent Irish illegal alien activist, John Cunningham, while the winner at the same time was a prominent illegal alien activist, Hispanic lesbian Daniela Vargas, who remained, even though both should have been immediately deported under the Visa Waiver Program [Racist Trump Deports White Man, But Lets Hispanic Woman Stay, by Federale, Federale Blog, July 7, 2017]

The strategy of the illegal aliens in these cases was to take advantage of the unwillingness of the previous administrations to either publicly deal with or take action to counter bad press, or open sympathy among the political appointees who ran the immigration bureaucracies under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Prior to those administrations, the legacy Immigration and Naturalization (INS) generally dealt swiftly with such public violations of immigration law. It was called. in the good old days, Area Control, and the legacy INS was serious about it. Any illegal alien who got in the press was immediately arrested.

That kept heads down. But under Clinton, Bush and Obama, the opposite happened, it was hands-off public violations. I remember clearly, while with the legacy INS under Clinton, when an alien activist with AIDS came to the United States and, despite a legal prohibition on the entry of aliens with such communicable diseases, was admitted without delay.

Since there has been an Administrative Amnesty for public illegal aliens for so long, the Cult Marx Left has decided that the unofficial Amnesty, much like the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), is now part of the law and aliens have rights under this "law." They will soon be judge shopping for a kritarch to declare this policy of taking action against politically-active illegal aliens unconstitutional. They are broadcasting that they will make this claim under the First Amendment and the new-found clause in the First Amendment that gives immunity to illegal aliens actively attacking immigration law enforcement.

But the real issue for immigration patriots: the mealy mouthed response from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which has surrendered the battlespace by conceding the First Amendment issue. It is part of the problem of the Trump Administration Department of Homeland Security: it speaks with two different voices, that of Thomas Homan (all illegal aliens are subject to arrest); and his subordinates, who speak of only arresting criminal aliens and terrorists, such as #DeepState saboteur David Marin. This is bad and inconsistent messaging; messaging that gives the Treason Bar attorneys and illegal aliens activists an opening to make ridiculous claims before abusive kritarchs:

A top ICE official denied that the agency is targeting immigrants for deportation because of their activism. The agency says its priorities are immigrants who pose a threat to national and border security and public safety. Most, but not all, of the targeted immigrants have criminal records.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement does not target unlawfully present aliens for arrest based on advocacy positions they hold or in retaliation for critical comments they make,” said Matthew Albence, ICE’S executive associate director for Enforcement and Removal Operations, which detains and deports immigrants. “Any suggestion to the contrary is irresponsible, speculative and inaccurate.”

[ICE Has Detained Or Deported Prominent Immigration Activists, By Maria Sacchetti and David Weigel, WaPo, January 19,2018. Emphasis added].

ICE should have given a forthright statement saying that ICE arrests all illegal aliens who come to its attention; and uses all available information to identify and arrest illegal aliens. This statement will now give an opening to all illegal aliens to claim they can't be arrested if they speak out and aren't criminal aliens or terrorists.

Worse yet, in one case, pointed out before by your correspondent, ICE instead of arresting a prominent illegal alien, just hand-delivered a letter saying she would be placed in removal proceedings. That did nothing to the illegal alien but make her more public about her criminal behavior. If ICE has the manpower to hand-deliver a letter, it should have at least made an arrest.

“I believe that ICE sent me this letter and started deportation proceedings against me because they are not so much against my immigration status, but against my political work,” Villalpando said in her first interview since receiving notice from ICE. “This is political oppression. That’s what they’re doing. ICE is finalizing the transition from law enforcement into a political-oppression apparatus.”

[ICE Targets Prominent Immigration Activist For Deportation, by Lilly Fowler and Enrique Cerna, Crosscut, January 16, 2018]

And this is a deliberate campaign, no doubt about it. See here, here, here, here, here, and here to name a few examples. This week was obviously designated by a Journolist-like cabal to highlight this issue, not doubt to bring it to the attention of some kritarch, who in the next week or so will suspend action against politically active illegal aliens.

Frighteningly, a recent Immigration Judge (appointed by Jeff Sessions) seemed to take the Amnesty claim for illegal aliens who attack publicly immigration enforcement at face value, relaeasing an illegal alien who was arrested after attacking ICE publicly following the arrest of his live-in girlfriend:

Almost six weeks after Aburto Gutierrez’s arrest, he appeared before Judge Charles McCullough, who was appointed by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in August. A thinner Aburto Gutierrez, wearing a baggy navy-blue prison uniform, filed into the small courtroom with several other inmates who were dressed in various colors...

The judge called his case first. ICE attorney Neil Floyd asked McCullough to set no bond, which would have extended Aburto Gutierrez’s stay at the detention center. Floyd said the immigrant has no legal way of dodging deportation because his two daughters are currently with their mother in Mexico.

McCullough said Aburto Gutierrez was not a threat to the public and lowered his bond from $25,000 to $5,000. By Friday afternoon, he’d paid the money and was being processed for release. Aburto Gutierrez will now be allowed to apply for legal status, McCullough said.

[Ocean Park Man Released From ICE Lockup, by Amy Nile, Chinook Observer, January 9, 2018]

ICE, of course, was mealy mouthed about the arrest:
His nickname appeared in an interview that ran in the Observer on Aug. 9 about Diaz’s arrest. Aburto Gutierrez also anonymously recounted the experience in a Nov. 9 Seattle Times article.

ICE Director Thomas Homan insisted Aburto Gutierrez was not the target of retaliation during a late-December phone conversations with Gov. Jay Inslee, who pressed the federal agency for an explanation, the Times reported.

ICE officials say the agency is focused on getting rid of criminals but no one who’s in the country illegally is exempt from the federal crackdown.

What ICE should have said: all illegal aliens are subject to arrest—and those who come to ICE's attention, get ICE's attention, good and hard.

Note also that Baltazar “Rosas” Aburto Gutierrez, the illegal alien in question, will return immediately to work, despite the fact that he cannot work legally:

Robbins told the judge Aburto Gutierrez’s employer is “ready and willing” to hire him back.
This is shocking in that an Immigration Judge would release such an illegal alien whose attorney stated that the alien would immediately return to violating the law. '

Again, Jeff Sessions is not controlling the kritarchs in the immigration bureaucracy.

It is also time for ICE SVU to raid the clam harvesters of Willapa Bay, Pacific County, WA. Ask Brad Bench, Special Agent-in-Charge, about when he will be making these raids.

Brad Bench, Special Agent-in-Charge, ICE SVU, Seattle
You can contact Brad here and ask him if illegal aliens and scofflaw employers should be allowed to flagrantly break the law.

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