Still Hmore Hmong
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Do Hmong living in America quietly hope to import ALL of their tribe here? Maybe, considering recent reports: "Hmong urge America to open doors to more refugees"

Only now have Hmong like Yang gained enough financial and political clout to persuade the State Department to open America's doors to more Hmong refugees.

Let's review. Hmong are one of the more primitive cultures on the planet. Many practice polygamy, opium use and shamanism. Some Hmong immigrants do not assimilate easily, are prone to gang behavior and retain their misogynist cultural practices, such as marriage by kidnapping. They are among the highest users of welfare.

There are not enough jobs for citizens, but the government continues to welcome high-maintenance Hmong who require extensive education to be employable if they ever will be.

Pushing this agenda are Hmong living in America (and members of the Refugee Industrial Complex).

Americans don't want any hmore Hmong. Ask ex Hmayor Randy Kelly of St. Paul.

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