Hmore Electoral Justice?
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Was the immigration issue crucial to St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly's loss at the polls? A recent interview ["Kelly: 'I'm leaving the new mayor a well-run, efficient city"] shows that he apparently believes that his unwanted social engineering had a price.

The reason I lost the election was primarily due to my endorsement of Bush. But I made some tough, tough judgments while I was here. Budgetary issues. Ayd Mill Road. Diking the airport. Going to Thailand and embracing diversity. But clearly, my experience with that trip to Thailand, I have never in my 30 years of experience in politics, received so many negative phone calls, e-mails, letter that were just horrible. And hateful. readers may recall that Mayor Kelly personally traveled to a Hmong refugee camp in Thailand to arrange the transport of thousands of Hmong (incuding an unknown number of polygamous families) to St. Paul and other parts of the U.S.

Mayor Kelly complains about "hateful" communications he received about his Hmong excursion. However, citizens have a right to be angry when an elected official is welcoming a group that has among the highest rates of welfare use, is known for its opium addiction and regards polygamy as an acceptable lifestyle choice. Elected officials take an oath to protect our laws, not purposefully undermine them.

May the New Year bring more such justice at the ballot box!

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