Mexico Detains 250,000 Illegal Immigrants
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Last year (2005) Mexico made 240, 269 arrests. [Story here.]

Of what were these people guilty? Hmm...they were undocumented immigrants.

Looks like 89 percent were from central America:

101,000 from Guatemala

78,326 from Honduras

42,700 from El Salvador

(Watch...they will probably send them here.)

Gee...we have millions of illegal aliens from Mexico and we can't even suggest building a fence on the border without the Mexican government throwing a temper tantrum. Sheesh...remember when we had those border sweeps in Southern California and the Mexican government did everything short of dragging us in front of the Hague for crimes against humanity?

The Mexican government are not just irresponsible, parasitic thugs...they're hypocrites.

(Sorry for the nasty tone in my blog today...this one just put me over the top, you know?)

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