"Stereotyping" Alert
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Mickey Kaus on Twitter
Michael Gerson is against snobbery unless issue is immgration. Then it's noble elite (him) vs. "stereotyping" masses http://bit.ly/9ButBx
You know, as I picked up my clean clothes today from the Chinese laundry, I had to walk past the barbershop where my Italian barber cuts my hair, and I thought I should say something about stereotyping.

However, most of it has been said here: Stereotypes Aren't So Bad, By John Derbyshire, February 1st, 2001.

What Gerson said in the Washington Post is

"And a reactionary populism can be disturbing when it targets minorities, immigrants and intellectuals. But intellectual disdain among elites feeds this destructive populism rather than directing or defusing it. Obama is helping to cause what he criticizes.

It is among the nobler callings of a leader to understand public fears and then place them in the context of national commitments. Yes, the American dream is fragile, but it won't be recovered by abandoning American ideals. Yes, the borders must be controlled and terrorism is a mortal threat — but we can't give in to stereotyping and hatred."

Of course, this reflects Gerson's own stereotyping and hatred of the Tea Party and patriotic immigration reformers.

But at VDARE.com we don't only rely on stereotypes—we also have huge mountains of facts and arguments about the problems of immigration, most of which Gerson has never heard of.

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