"Staggering" Poll Shows Immigration Patriotism Also The Answer To "War On Women" Smear
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The Democrats' "War On Women" smear of the hapless GOP is one of those things you can only get away with if you have complete command of the MSM megaphone—the idea that GOP functionaries are, as Sam Francis said in a different context, tough enough to wage such a war is simply ludicrous. But an arresting poll on patriotic resistance to America's immigration disaster also suggests that immigration patriotism is a womens' issue:
Behind the scenes, campaigns evaluating the polling are seeing unbelievable numbers on the issue that belie popular narratives about how popular comprehensive immigration reform is.

For example, Paragon Insights, a little-known firm that is on the NRSC's payroll, asked respondents whether they would support a GOP Senate candidate who said “Immigration policy needs to serve the interests of the nation as a whole, not a few billionaire CEOs and immigration activists lobbying for open borders.”

Likely voters approved by a 71-16 margin. Women supported the sentiment 73-14, higher than men, who backed it 69-17. Obama's opponents supported it 82-12, but even Obama supporters gave it 61-21 nod. Liberals supported it 59-21.

Most surprising, self-identified Hispanics supported it 66-21.

The Staggering Immigration Poll Numbers Driving Even Democrats To Denounce Amnesty, by Jonathan Strong, Breitbart, October 16, 2014

Emphasis added.
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