President May Appoint Ebola Czar
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H5[1]Ebola Humongous


From the NYT:

President May Name ‘Czar’ to Manage U.S. Ebola Response
You know, this whole Czar thing didn’t really work out so well in Russia in 1917, and Czars haven’t really worked out in Washington in the 40+ years that Presidents have been naming them. So, here’s an updated list of alternative titles Obama might want to consider:
  • Ebola Shogun
  • Ebola Generalissimo
  • Ebola Pharaoh
  • Ebola Duce
  • Ebola Shahinshah
  • Ebola Mikado
  • Ebola Grand Vizier
  • Ebola Master and Commander
  • Ebola Nabob
  • Ebola Warlord
  • Ebola Fuhrer
  • Ebola Khan
  • Ebola Big Brother
  • Ebola Doge
  • Ebola Galactic Overlord
  • Ebola Potentate
  • Ebola Übermensch
  • Ebola Grand Turk
  • Ebola Bwana
  • Ebola Humongous
  • Ebola Rajah
  • Ebola Paterfamilias
  • Ebola Kaiser
  • Ebola Kahuna
  • Ebola Kommandant
  • Ebola Big Man
  • Ebola Ayatollah of Rockandrollah
  • Ebola Cacique
  • Ebola Imperator
  • Ebola Poobah
  • Ebola El Supremo
  • Ebola Commissar
  • Ebola Patroon
  • Ebola Capo di Tutti Capi
  • Ebola El Guapo
  • Ebola Obama
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