SPLC Slithers Backwards!
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You can smear some of the people some of the time, but maybe you cannot smear all of the people all of the time? - SPLC slithers backwards! News flash from Mark Potok at the "Southern Poverty Law Center"! It looks like Dees and his minister of propaganda in Montgomery have taken some hits on the "Nazis under every American flag held up by an angry citizen who opposes illegal immigration" sales pitch. From a fairly well written piece on MMP in the Seattle Post Intelligencer: "Anti- immigrant group gaining" (Print version headline?... "Vigilante anti-immigration group gaining") By Arthur H. R0tstein, (AP):

"Attention surrounding immigration problems helped attract "a fairly broad cross-section of middle Americans," and "there are real strains of racism and anti-Semitism in this movement." Still, "the movement has attracted people who are not Klansmen or neo-Nazis." Potok said.

Last year, anyone with a protest sign saying "secure our borders" was a racist, Nazi, KKK, extremist.

Now...not so much, ehh Potok? I am reminded of an October conversation with my friend Mike Cutler while we were on the Arizona- Mexico border. He told me that he was called " a racist anti-Semite" several times while he was an INS agent enforcing American immigration laws...while wearing his Star of David on a chain around his neck. Pretty radical occupation for a Jewish American from New York...ehh Potok? Another quote from a sociologist at the University of Arizona, Celestino Fernandez, on those irritating Minute Men, same article:

"They're reasonable people, yes, they're good people, but they're also reacting against demographic changes, just like every prior generation has reacted against demographic changes of people whom they perceive as different," he said.

Umm, si, Celestino, illegal aliens are "different". We perceive them as being criminal invaders who are colonizing our nation while our President helps...how do you see them?

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