Christmas Comes Early For Guatemalans, Et Al . . .
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Let it never be said that El President Vicente Fox prefers to live in the past (except for his government's rampant corruption). Naturally, he went ballistic over the weekend after the House passed wide-ranging border security and illegal immigration legislation that included a new fence along the border with "our friend" to the south. (And, as we knew it would, the bill has generated non-stop whining and wailing among the various "immigrant rights" advocates nationwide. "It's a very bad sign, which does not speak well of a country that is proud of being democratic, proud of being a country of immigrants," Fox said in a speech to relatives of Mexican migrants.

"Walls belong in the last century. They were knocked down by people in the search of liberty and democracy." (Huh? There is no liberty and democracy in Mexico?) Nota bene to you guys in Guatamela: You must be just beside yourselves at the news. I mean, no more hassle as you trek across Mexican soil enroute to a better life, right?

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