SOUTH AFRICA FARM ATTACKS IN SEPTEMBER: At Least 14 Attacks, 2 Murders, With Few Details Published
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Earlier: SOUTH AFRICA FARM ATTACKS IN AUGUST: Murdered, Assaulted And Bound, Killed Defending Wife, Attacked With A Crowbar, Beaten, And Stabbed To Death reported on September 19 2 Farm attacks in South Africa, 1-15 September 2023 and followed up on October 6 with 14 Farm attacks, 2 farm murders in South Africa, September 2023.

During the month of September 2023, there were fourteen farm attacks and two farm murders in South Africa.

I only found one report for September—there were at least 14 listed but without detailed reports.

  • Two suspects were arrested after an attempted robbery at a farm near Mokopane of Limpopo province, South Africa.

Reports say a victim was approached on his farm by two would-be thieves. The victim reminded the assailants that a routine community call was expected and, if not answered, neighbors would take action.

The suspects fled on foot and then in a vehicle, which was stopped by an alert neighborhood watch who called police.

[Farm attack suspects nabbed after quick response—Mokopane,, September 28, 2023]

Going forward I will list those without detailed reports, but the report will not be complete until the list is available; probably about the 6th or 7th of the month.

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