South Africa Farm Attacks In June: Three Dead, One Robber A Cop. Coming (Plus These New Riots) To An America Near You?
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There's currently a lot of violence, rioting, and actual insurrection in South Africa recently (nothing like the Mostly Peaceful Protest on January 6).

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But while it takes something like this to make the American MSM pay attention, anti-white violence has been a steady drumbeat there for years, especially against isolated farms, as I've repeatedly documented. Just this last June:

  • A group of AK-47-wielding attackers invaded a farm in the Boschfontein area of North West province of South Africa.

After assaulting and robbing the farm’s security guards, the invaders made off with the farm’s solar panels. The incident occurred June 5, 2021. No arrests were reported [Farm attack, AK47 wielding attackers raid smallholding, Rustenburg, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 5,  2021]

  • Two armed home invaders attacked a couple and their young daughter at a farm in Brits, North West province of South Africa.

Jaco Duvenage, age 33, his wife, Beanet Duvenage, age 32, and their four-year-old daughter were alerted by a barking dog that awoke the family as they slept in the early morning hours. The family took refuge in a bedroom and held the door closed as the attackers attempted to gain entry. After breaking a hole in the bedroom door, the attackers demanded the family’s cell phones, but not before the victims had managed to alert a neighborhood watch.

The attackers fled with the phones and a television, reports say. The attack occurred on June 4, 2021 [Family hold off farm attackers at bedroom, help arrives in time, Brits, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 7, 2021].

  • Three sisters and a friend visiting from Holland were bound and held captive for hours as home invaders ransacked a farmhouse in Paarl, Western Cape province.

The victims were locked in a restroom prior to the attackers leaving with stolen goods. After freeing themselves, the victims climbed through a window and alerted authorities. Though the attackers were armed, the victims were not physically injured.

The incident occurred on June 11, 2021 [Farm attack, 3 sisters and friend from Holland tied up and robbed, Paarl, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 14, 2021]

  • A man survived a gunshot wound at a guest house in Stellenbosch, Western Cape province.

A couple was resting by a fireplace when two intruders confronted them. A scuffle ensued as the attackers attempted to rob the couple. Employees at the guest farm contacted authorities. The incident occurred at about 10 p.m. on June 12, 2021.

[Farm attack, man shot at guest farm, nothing robbed, Stellenbosch, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 15 2021]

  • A group of five adult males, one of whom was dressed in a police uniform, feigned an investigation at Lizard Rock lodge, South of Nelspruit, in Mpumalanga province.

A man and his wife were bound and robbed at a home near the lodge. The invaders stole cash and valuables.. The incident occurred on June 17, 2021 [Farm attack: 5 Attackers, 1 in police uniform, invade lodge, Nelspruit, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 18, 2021]

  • A man was fatally shot in the stomach during a home invasion in Mpumalanga province.

The victim was shot as the attackers attempted to break into a number of homes in the area. He was not identified. The incident occurred at night on June 16, 2021 [Farm murder, man shot in stomach during home invasion, Rocky Drift, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 18,  2021]

  • A man was arrested after a number of burglaries in the Winelands area near Cape town.

Police stopped a vehicle that contained balaclavas, gloves, and a firearm. Also found were electronic items apparently stolen from the home of a local farmer. Four of five occupants of the vehicle fled the scene. A fifth was arrested. The arrest occurred on June 17, 2021 [Farm attack, man robbed by 5 attackers, Paarl farm watch arrests 1, Tulbagh, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 18, 2021].

  • A woman identified as Liana Bierman was ambushed in her Mpumalanga province farm home by two balaclava-clad attackers.

The victim was attacked and bound, reports say. The home invaders ransacked the house taking two firearms. The incident occurred on June 18, 2021 [Farm attack, woman ambushed, tied up, firearms robbed, Volksrust, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 19, 2021]

  • A farmer was reportedly stabbed by an employee while the former was investigating thievery at the farm in KwaZulu Natal province. The victim sustained wounds in his back and neck.

Reports say the farmer and his 28-year-old son were interviewing staff members regarding thievery when one of the employees stabbed the father. The victim managed to fire four shots, one apparently wounding the suspect, who fled the scene. The farmer was transported to a local hospital for treatment [Farm Worker Stabs Employer: Greylands - KZN, RSA_News,, July 20, 2021].

  • 30-year-old Mason McCleeve was fatally shot while protecting his partner, Zanyika McClean, and their young son at a farm in Mpumalanga province.

Reports say McCleeve coaxed five home invaders toward the home’s kitchen and away from the others. He was shot in the stomach and heart before dying in his partner’s arms en route to a hospital.

Rocky Drift murder victim’s life partner speaks out, by Kara van der Berg,, June 27, 2021

Five suspects fled on foot. The incident occurred on June 16, 2021 [Mason McCleeve (1991 - 2021),, June 27, 2021].

  • Maillos Mbaso was shot in the face, stomach, and arm during a farm attack in Gauteng province. The victim managed to fatally shoot one of the suspects.

The dead suspect was identified as a police officer, Sgt. MJ Bapela. The incident occurred on June 15, 2021 [Police allegedly involved in farm attack, 1 shot dead, victim critical, Boksburg, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 22, 2021]

  • A man was assaulted and robbed during an early morning farm attack in North West Province.

The attackers stole a television and cell phones [Farm attack, man assaulted and robbed in his home, N14, Ventersdorp, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 24, 2021]

  • An undisclosed number of victims were robbed during a farm attack in North West Province of South Africa.

The attack occurred on June 23, 2021. Three suspects fled with a pistol, laptop, camera, and other household items, reports say.

[Farm attack, 3 attackers invade farm between Koster and Swartruggens, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 24, 2021]

  • An unidentified grandmother, age 69, was assaulted and bound to a chair during a home invasion in KwaZulu Natal province.

Reports say the elderly woman confronted trespassers as they played with her dog outside her farm house. Rather than leave, the three suspects followed the woman into her home. Reports say the woman and her husband, along with other area farmers, have decided to move from the Fountain Head area just outside eMkhomazi due to the violent crime [Farm attacks forcing farmers to relocate, woman (69) assaulted, tied up, Fountain Head, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 24, 2021]

  • Waterfall Farm owner Darryl Richter, 34, was fatally stabbed during a confrontation with three males as he patrolled his property.

The incident occurred after Richter approached a suspicious vehicle. The victim contacted support from a neighborhood association, but was found severely wounded when help arrived. Before his demise, Richter managed to fatally shoot two of his attackers. He was also able to provide details of the incident [Eastern Cape farmer kills two suspects and is stabbed to death during confrontation, by Malibongwe Dayimani,, June 28, 2021]

  • A 13-year-old girl slipped out of a farmhouse to hide in a garden during a home invasion in Gauteng province.

The girl phoned neighbors for help as she was hiding. Responders found two occupants bound. Five attackers managed to escape with cell phones, laptops, and televisions [Farm attackers tie up residents, girl (13) hides outside, calls for help, Kameeldrift West, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, June 28, 2021].

  • A 75-year-old woman was beaten on the head with a crowbar during a farm attack in Gauteng province.

Two attackers demanded cell phones and cash. They bound their victim to a bed and covered her with blankets, reports say. After they left, the woman was able to call for help. The victim’s daughter, who lives next door, found her mother covered in blood. Reports say the intruders gained entry through a window that was partially opened. The incident occurred on June 24, 2021 [Farm attack, woman (75) assaulted with a crowbar in her home, Muldersdrift, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, July 1 2021]


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