Somalis Unsuited To US Elections—And Norm Coleman Unsuited To RNC Chair
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James Fulford's blog yesterday touching on likely voter fraud in Chicago came to mind when I read Appeals Court to rule soon in Somali vote fraud case October 8, 2010 on Refugee Resettlement Watch . This is a follow up on an earlier story Somalis hijack a Kansas City election September 27, 2010.

In essence a horde of non-English-speaking Somalis purporting to be citizens and registered to vote enabled the Kansas City Democratic machine to eliminate a dissident - blatant fraud which the local Judiciary is now busy ignoring.

What caught my eye was RRWès comment

There is nothing new here! We told you about allegations of Somali voter fraud in Minnesota during the hotly contested Franken/Coleman Senate race in 2008, here. However, the difference in Minneapolis is that one group of Somalis supporting Coleman (because Coleman promised to get family reunification opened again from Africa) was charging the Franken Somalis of voting irregularities.

( emphasis)

Is that so? This is the Norm Coleman whom the Neocons were test-running a few weeks ago to replace the disastrous Michael Steele as RNC Chairman.

Anyone who wants more of the appalling Somalis admitted into this country should not be allowed anywhere near political authority.

Every taxpayer should be aware of Refugee Resettlement Watch's eye-opening coverage of Somali Food-Stamp fraud: see here and here. And every American the wise warning it posted from a Somali correspondent:

"a huge storm is coming to small town America"
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