It's Amazing How Accusations Of Racism Surface After A Crime Is Discovered...
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You remember how Chicago Democrats cried racism after a Republican talked about preventing voter fraud? You must—I wrote about it six hours ago.

Well, here's another. Before I get into this, I'll link to a Michelle Malkin column on Democratic violence and vandalism against Republicans (Democrats Gone Wild) and remind you that Michelle wrote a whole book on this, Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild .

Well, it seems that thieves stole all four wheels off a car belonging to a Republican candidate for District Attorney in Dallas. When he suggested that this might have been done by supporters of his political opponents, he was called racist:

Democrats suggest racism in Dallas County DA race, by Craig Civale, WFAA, October 11, 2010 Race has now been injected into the heated contest for Dallas County District Attorney.

It comes amid claims that Danny Clancy – the Republican candidate for the job – had the four wheels stolen from his car last week, something he blamed on supporters of Craig Watkins, the incumbent Democrat.

On Monday, Dallas County Democrats suggested the Republican accusations may be racist, blaming them for bringing the reported vandalism to light.

"If Mr. Watkins was white, would they be insinuating his supporters were taking these tires?" asked county Democratic Chair Darlene Ewing.[More]

Mr. Clancy is white, like the majority of people in North America, including most people named Clancy, and of course, like most Republicans.

Craig Watkins is black. Therefore, suggesting that some of his supporters have committed a crime is racist.

It's not—there's no reason to think that if the theft was politically motivated, it was done by Watkins's black supporters. A mugshot collection on Michelle Malkin's website show both white and black Democratic vandals, and while some of them are black, especially Milwaukee the gang that slashed the tires of twenty vans rented by Republicans to drive people to the polls, the average "Democratic vandal criminal" is whiter than the regular criminal population.

But any reference to crime at all is supposed to be an appeal to racism—because everyone knows  who's committing most of the crime.

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