Soccer "Racism": The Frontlash Doesn't Require Much To Launch Itself Into Action
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Earlier: Alternative Universe Headline: "Diversity And Immigration Vindicated As England's Blacks Beat Italy's Whites!"

In England, the Establishment last week was getting ready to prove once and for all that black immigration is the best thing since sliced bread by pointing to England winning a soccer championship for the first time since 1966 due to having some black players, in contrast to racist Italy:

But then, in the crisis of the tie-breaker, three straight black players flopped in the clutch to lose to retrograde Italy.

Fortunately, Plan B, The Frontlash, was immediately ready to roll: point to a crisis of racism in England that demands massively more black immigration to inundate with black bodies. And with social media, there’s always evidence of somebody saying something nasty:

But five is too many!

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