Soccer Diversity Gearing Up
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The San Francisco Chronicle was gleeful today over the upcoming World Cup, the one sport which Americans don't much like, exemplifying multiculti values for that reason. The local diversity community is wacked out over the boring game, which gives them a socially acceptable venue to express their true national loyalty [Bay Area immigrants warm up for quadrennial soccer madness, San Francisco Chronicle, 6/4/06].

He and his American wife will have to "divide our hearts" when the Czechs and Americans play against each other in the World Cup. "I like the U.S. team, but I was born in the Czech Republic, and my heart is still there."

The NY Times is more somber with a story describing the ugly racism now showing up in Europe against black players. Spectators making monkey sounds and throwing bananas are not uncommon these days, despite decades of multicultural happy talk. The honchos at FIFA are nevertheless responding with more of same, namely a campaign of pro-tolerance messages and kumbaya via soccer.

Incidentally, German media is full of accusations that American society is thoroughly, hopelessly racist, which the excellent blog David's Medienkritik has been pointing out for years. will be watching the American team, noted here last year when they whupped Mexico's ass in a proper grudge match. Landon Donovan, Mexico's nemesis, is front and center once again, with plenty of pro-America attitude and talent.

Tough choice coming up on June 11 — root against invading Mexico or nuke-threatening Iran. Close call there. Plus, extra fascist points for the game being played in Nuremberg!

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