Americans Eviscerate Mexicans. In Soccer.
September 06, 2005, 04:06 AM
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You may have missed the sweet soccer victory on Saturday where the United States thumped the arrogant Mexican team 2-0, in a game played in Columbus, Ohio, a site deep in the heartland chosen to provide a majority-American crowd. The win qualifies America for the World Cup next year, a fine thing in itself.

The match was a welcome payback for a 2-1 loss in March which took place in Mexico City. Mexicans followed that game with a session of American-flag trampling in front of the US embassy, with chants of "Osama!"

So kicker Landon Donovan of Redlands, California, has had a few words of his own to share before and after Saturday`s game. (In 2002, he smacked home a decisive goal against Mexico to reach a 2002 World Cup quarterfinal, and is therefore not much liked in sombrero-land.) He laid down a take-no-prisoners line in the sand:

"I want (today) to be a miserable day for them," Donovan said of the Mexican players. "The best way to make them miserable is to beat their national team." [...]

"They are jealous of us, the Mexican players, because we`ve got a life and they have nothing," Donovan said. "Because of that they despise us."

Donovan apparently doesn`t care much for Mexicans. Maybe he thought the death threat trash talk by a Mexican player against his mother was over the line. He didn`t let up in victory either:

"They suck," he said. "I`m so happy. After we got that first goal they were never in the game. Hopefully that will shut them up for the next three or four years."

Soccer just got a whole lot more interesting.