Smith College, Lesbians, Pink Triangles And Rainbows
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A friend writes:
I keep tabs on Smith because my wife went there. As a high school kid she was so sheltered that she had *no* idea what she was getting into. She just thought it was a quiet girls' school with a good English department. In selecting her freshman dorm, she opted for the one that had "pink triangles and rainbows" in its description because she likes pink and rainbows. 
Boy, was she surprised.
But, the point is that sheltered girls who like pink and rainbows are The Oppressors, so they can't be allowed to enjoy what The Victimized enjoy. In modern America, you don't need to think through the implications of principles of fair play, tolerance, and the like, all you need to know is which groups are Bad and which are Good. It makes everything much simpler.
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