Student At All-Female Smith College In Trouble For Liking Boys
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The latest thought criminal is a young lady at all-female Smith College in Northampton, MA who sent out an email announcing she was starting a sorority at Smith for straight girls who like to do girly stuff and meet boys from other colleges.
I got this idea because personally as a straight girl at Smith, I feel marginalized and I feel like the minority, and I think this could be a really great way to socialize with people we identify more with at smith, and to meet more guys.  
Amherst basketball team
The first mixer is already plnned, wih the Amherst bball team this Friday (actually their idea!) What do you think?"  
Smith has been Angry Lesbian-heavy for many decades. On New Year's Eve 1981 in Mazatlan, I met a Stanford coed who had transferred there from Smith. I asked why. She said she likes boys and grew tired of being denounced at Smith for liking them.
Fortunately, Katy Waldman of Slate is on the case of policing emails that implicitly engage in Pattern Recognition and don't understand that all that talk about Respecting Minority Rights isn't supposed to apply to minorities.

I think women of all sexual persuasions are equally likely to run screaming from Lily Pulitzer sorority apparel.   

I think gay women probably enjoy mingling with male friends, having dinner, participating in photoshoots, dressing up, and baking as much as straight ones. 

I think straight girls probably still outnumber gay girls at Smith College, so your plaint that you “feel marginalized and…like the minority” sounds like a veiled protest against the acceptance of a subgroup, not a cry of persecution.

I think if you reaallllly want to look out for other straight women, you can start by not assuming that they are all ultra-feminine creatures who love baking, socializing with big strong basketball players, and wearing pink every Wednesday.


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