SLATE Furious Terrorism Screwing Up German Government’s Protest Of Its People
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In spite of the lurid lighting, these are peaceful protests, not Ferguson style riots. Somehow, they scare Slate more than Muslims with AK-47s.

The Main Stream Media seems to share a premise that the main problem with terrorism is that gets Westerners all riled up and makes them start noticing uncomfortable patterns.  Thus, Slate thinks the terrorist attacks "couldn't have come at a worse moment."  Why?  Because,

Presiding over the second-largest Muslim population in Western Europe, after France, Chancellor Angela Merkel has been trying to stamp out a populist uprising in the country’s east that is demanding an end to the “Islamization” of the West.

[The Charlie Hebdo Effect, by Lucian Kim, Slate, January 9, 2014]

Notice the scare quotes in the same sentence where Germany is identified as having the "second-largest Muslim population in Western Europe."
Just a week earlier, in her New Year’s address, Merkel had given some motherly advice to her fellow citizens, telling them to stay away from growing rallies in Dresden organized by a group called PEGIDA, short for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident.

The German establishment, which prides itself on decades of political consensus and social peace, finds itself in an uncomfortable spot. While politicians from all the main parties call for tolerance and calm, an increasing number of Germans see a gap between themselves and their elected officials, especially on hot-button issues like immigration.

In democratic countries, the government protests the people.

Slate bemoans the results of a poll which found that "40 percent of respondents said they feel like strangers in their own country, with one in four supporting a ban on Muslim immigrants."  They don't understand that "their country has become a de facto destination for immigrants—and even depends on them to support an aging population."

We often hear this argument asserted for why Westerners "need" immigrants. There are several responses

1.  An alternative strategy that doesn't require national suicide is to allow actual members of the nation to have more children.  Immigration, by squeezing wages and living space and requiring increased taxation, makes it harder for citizens to have large families.  This is at the heart of Steve Sailer's theory of "Affordable Family Formation."

2.  This presupposes that the Third World immigrants are putting more into the system than they are getting back.  David Horowitz's FrontPageMag reports that "80% of Turkish Muslim Settlers in Germany Live Off Welfare."  [by Daniel Greenfield, March 31, 2013]  A German study also found that "immigrants of Turkish origin were also found to be the least successful in the labor market: they are often jobless... and many are dependent on welfare."  [Study says Turks are Germany's worst integrated immigrantsThe Local, January 25, 2009]  Other figures show a far smaller share of Turks are dependent on welfare, but they are still twice as likely to be a charge on the state as Germans.  [Germany: Bundesbank calls for dismissal of author, by David Wroe, Global Post, September 2, 2010]

3.  A nation doesn't require a constantly rising population in order to survive.  Overcrowded Japan, for example, has a far better chance of existing as a nation in fifty years than the emerging Muslim colonies of Eurabia.  The economy serves the people, not the other way around.  What matters is the quality of life for citizens.

Anyway, one more bit from Slate. 

Germany’s Central Council of Muslims, which condemned the Paris massacre in the sharpest of terms, is calling for a vigil for “openness and tolerance” at the Brandenburg Gate on Monday. Sigmar Gabriel, the head of the Social Democrats, is reportedly trying to mobilize Germany’s other major faiths, parties, and unions to join the demonstration as a sign of solidarity against intolerance and terror.
It's incredible how these Muslim groups demand credit for condemning murder, as if this is something you are not supposed to do anyway.  More importantly, it is always coupled with a demand that Europeans abandon all opposition, even peaceful opposition, the continuing colonization for their homelands.

Again, there is unanswered question which pops up with every article like this — what was so horrible about Europe that its people must be replaced by Muslims through any means necessary?
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