Le Pen, Père, Denounced for Calling for Calm and Democracy
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From the Washington Post:

A tweet from far-right icon Le Pen causes anger in France

By Adam Taylor January 9 at 10:42 AM

Jean-Marie le Pen, the father of France’s mainstream far right movement, provoked both outrage and support on Friday when he tweeted an image of his daughter Marine le Pen with the slogan “Keep Calm And Vote Le Pen.”

The elder Le Pen’s message came as police struggled with two separate hostage standoffs in Paris. At least one of the incidents is believed linked to a terrorist attack on the offices of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo that left 12 people dead Wednesday. …

Online, there was clearly some support for the National Front: Jean-Marie le Pen’s message received more than 1,000 retweets in less than an hour. However, many users expressed shock at what they saw as a cynical appropriation of a tragedy. “Vous êtes odieux” (You are odious), one user tweeted at le Pen. “Manœuvre nauséabonde” (a nauseating political maneuver), wrote another.

Whenever Muslims Behave Badly, we are immediately warned by the establishment, in what I call the Frontlash, that the real danger is the imminent, looming Backlash.

In the U.S., of course, this is awfully silly since there are basically zero white Christian youth organizations outside of the control of responsible adults.

In soccer countries, with their more organic, working class sports culture, however, there are hooligan firms that could conceivably cause trouble. So old man Le Pen’s tweet is telling his rowdier supporters to keep calm and express their outrage in the voting booth.

So you might think that Le Pen’s call — “Keep calm” — for no Backlash in the streets would be praised. But Le Pen’s call for peace and democracy is outraging the Establishment: because the point of their Frontlash is not to avoid some broken glass, it is to hold on to power by demonizing and demoralizing anyone thinking of holding the ruling caste accountable for their policy mistakes via the democratic process.

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