Significantly, Dick Morris Discusses Immigration - Not Well, But Better Than GOP Leadership
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Professional coffee-smeller Dick Morris has remained viable as a pundit because he habitually says obviously sensible things and because he has shown great skill joining the winning side as it wins.

That is why it is significant to find this sometime Clinton advisor claiming to be a conservative Republican and stressing the immigration aspect when analyzing recent GOP debates.

Even more to find him defying the taboo ruling amongst the GOP leadership and raising the issue of immigration on his daily Lunch Alert! today

The actual broadcast, to put it kindly, is poorly thought out and ill-informed. Morris confuses birth tourism with the anchor baby problem, mistakenly praises Obama’s work place enforcement record (which of course as Federale has repeatedly pointed out never results in deporting illegals found so is really just an anti-businessman pogrom) ignores Obama’s Administrative Amnesty and calls for increased immigration and “several million” guest workers – without the essential component of fixing the Birthright Citizenship misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. Making favorable noises about E-Verify, he downplays the need for a border fence – but does accept it.

The veteran campaign consultant clearly knows where the GOP money is on this issue.

But also, it appears, where the votes are – otherwise the issue would be unmentioned.

THE ANSWERS ON IMMIGRATION – DICK MORRIS TV: LUNCH ALERT! at October 25, 2011(If the video embedding doesn't work, click on the link.)

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