Open-Borders Report Vindicates Ending Birthright Citizenship
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Patriots who follow the Immigration Wars rapidly realize that the Treason Lobby neither understands nor cares about the views of those who disagree with them: to them, their opponents simply do not count.

A vivid illustration has occurred since the publication yesterday of the Open Borders think-tank Migration Policy Institute's report The Demographic Impacts of Repealing Birthright Citizenship. This has been followed by the biggest explosion so far in the controversy of exultant reports and commentaries from Treason Lobby operatives focused on the conclusion—that ending Birthright Citizenship would increase the number of illegals in the country! This because of the birth of a predicted 5 million children before 2050, who would not be automatic citizens.

This debating point of course is worthless—if cognizance is taken of the fact that the patriotic objection to Anchor Babies is not narrowly that their parent's presence was illegal, but that the presence of all of them does economic, social and political damage to native-born Americans.

Broadly speaking the MPI's report concurs with Ed Rubenstein's conclusions in Ending Birthright Citizenship Could Halve Pace Of GOP Drift To Demographic Disaster, although it underestimates the impact of the change by not considering that in 40 years the current illegal immigrant community will have many grandchildren. Far from being a powerful argument for the status quo, the MPI report vindicates the conclusion that the "Anchor Baby" loophole has to be closed. Modernization of citizenship rights would not do a lot to repair the social and economic damage inflicted by excessive immigration—but it would do a great deal to mitigate the political damage. Non-citizens cannot vote. A Swiss solution is not ideal, but it would be far better than control of America being shifted to a majority-minority coalition, much of it very recently arrived.

And that is why the Treason Lobby is so furious. The storm of (overwhelmingly hostile and mindlessly repetitive) MSM and blogosphere commentary which has followed Senator Lindsey Graham's suggestion resembles nothing so much as that seen following the War on Christmas.

The reason is the same. A faction that considered a prized objective—eradicating Christmas, or overthrowing historic America—a done deal, finds it at risk. Reaction: savage rage.

Ask the MPI report authors, Jennifer Van Hook and Michael Fix, why they suppressed consideration of the political dimension of birthright citizenship reform.

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